Sunday, September 4, 2011

Italia part. 1

Wow! So, I'm in Italy. That actually, finally happened. And it was scary, and intimidating to get here. But now I'm here and learning how to be an Italian and oh what a beautiful thing that is. My dear mother drove me from Vermont to Canada where I said goodbye to her and our good friend Tula.
C'e Tula

I got on a plane to Zurich where I didn't sleep very well. I ended up watching Win Win with Paul Giamatti which was a decent film. In Zurich I had a very quick half hour to race across the terminal to catch a flight to Bologna. I was so exhausted that I pretty much conked out through takeoff, which is my favorite part of the flight. I was more or less content to sleep through the entire flight, except when the stewardess came by I thought I would get a water. I opened my eyes when I heard their cart and what did I see coming up outside my window? The Alps! That's right, the most bad-ass, epic mountain range of all time. Needless to say after that I was wide awake and took an array of photos.
From their Io ho comprato un bigliette. (I bought a ticket) For a bus to Malpensa train station, only the craziest, zaniest train station in the world. After fretting that I was in the wrong line and finding out I wasn't, I eventually boarded a train to Bologna and arrived right when a train for Ferrara was leaving. I was sure all was lost, but it turns out another was not far behind.

When I finally arrived at the hotel in Ferrara, it was time to get to know what the program was all about and what the people were like. I have already met great people and eaten great food. Domani, tomorrow, we start our two weeks of intensive Italian courses. We have had the first five or so days to get to Ferrara, familiarize and settle in with our new Families. Yes, I have a homestay family. I live 2 km outside the walls, in what is basically the country, in a little house where a terrifyingly loud train passes by. Living in the house are Daniella, her son Filipo (both who I have yet to meet, they are on vacation.) I have been hanging out with Daniella's uncle Bruno, who doesn't speak a lick of english but we get a long fine and he takes care of me, cooking great Italian dinners. He has a 12 year old dog named Poldo, short for Leopoldo. It never ceases to amaze me how similar their personalities are. You really get the sense that they are best of friends. <---- C'e Poldo

<---Un Foto tipicamente di Bruno e Poldo.

That's all for now. Until next time! Ciao


  1. Glad you made it! Sounds like you're having a great time already.

  2. Granny Dearest writes: Glad that my boy is safe and sound in Spaghettiville. It rains constantly here, and while everyone else complains, I know VT is weeping for her missing boy. Ciao, GD

  3. Keep up the posts and photos, Ro! Makes it like you're not so far away.

  4. Tula and 'Poldo look like cousins!